Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photo: The Flag of Communist Toronto

Having failed to find a place to build Toronto a red light district, it looks as if he's settled for just finding some Reds. Yesterday, news broke that Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, erstwhile mayoral candidate and now one of the Brothers Ford's allies on Toronto City Council, opened a Facebook site "to give voice to the silent majority of working-class Torontonians" - because you know all of the people who showed up at the all-night deputations a little while ago to speak out against the service cuts that Hizzoner da Mayor assured us would NEVER HAPPEN back when he was on the campaign trail? They're communists. I am not exaggerating here; these are Mammoliti's own words. He knows how "communists smell," and believes they are attempting to "brainwash" him.

So to commemorate this red-letter day in city politics, I thought I'd present this - a flag for the communist City of Toronto. Would that make it the Union of Torontonian Socialist Municipalities?

Comments and criticism on the design are welcome. Photos will return on Friday, but you will likely be seeing this flag again tomorrow, as I know precisely what I'm going to be writing about.

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  1. Conservatively immune to irony, Mammoliti says "“The people who show up for the meeting, some may be working people, but they’re only working off the dime of taxpayers,”

    Predicably, Mammoliti's resume includes Landscaper with the Toronto Housing Authority, CUPE staffer, MLA, and City Councillor. The guy has never earned a dollar that wasn't taxpayer-funded...