Friday, March 5, 2010

To Mend and Defend

For the past year I've been striving to deliver something fresh and wothwhile every day. For those that read this, I'm going to have to make an exception today - sorry! My main computer has been laid low by an untimely and STUBBORN infection bt the Vista 2010 Antivirus spyware virus, which has thus far survived all my efforts to remove it. At this point I think I'm going to have to go the System Restore route and be extremely thankful that I bought that external hard drive.

Honestly, though, it is one of the cannier viruses I've run across. There were barely any misspellings and it aped legitimate Vista appearances and it's probably voiced by Tony Jay. I, unfortunately, am failing pretty spectacularly at mending and defending.

Nevertheless, so this isn't entirely wasted - scientific perspective on just how stupid some aspects of stupid movies really are.

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