Thursday, April 2, 2009

PDP #21: RT Arriving

It seems to me that the Scarborough RT is the red-headed stepchild of Toronto's transit system. Completed in 1985 and hardly modified since then, it runs from Kennedy station to McCowan station first through the backyards of Scarborough's blighted, post-industrial wasteland, only to transition in the width of one street to that city's gleaming downtown, the entirety of which can be found For Your Convenience within the walls of Scarborough Town Centre. It may be my downtown lifestyle talking, but more often than not it's easy to forget that the RT exists in the first place.

Personally I have always thought that the Scarborough RT as it currently stands wasn't worth the money it cost to build it, and isn't worth what it costs to maintain; I would much rather have had a subway extension where its rails now run. However, the Ontario government apparently disagrees with me; of the $9 billion the provincial government yesterday allocated to Greater Toronto transit construction and development, $1.4 billion is being devoted to new vehicle purchases for, and an extension of, the Scarborough RT system.

Today's photo is of a westbound/southbound RT train entering Scarborough Centre station, the only station on the entire line worth going to.

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