Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo: 4119's Seen Better Days

Yesterday there was an accident at Dundas Street East and River Street in Toronto - a streetcar, CLRV 4119, apparently derailed and was struck by a Greyhound bus, getting its front end thoroughly smashed up but thankfully not causing any serious injuries among the passengers. Things like this don't happen very often - this is only the second streetcar derailment incident I can think of in the last four years, at least, and the last time it only caused traffic snarls.

Back when I was still living in Toronto, one of the goals I had in mind was to take photographs of every streetcar operated by the TTC - so last night I spent some time pawing through the thirty thousand digital photographs in my archive for shots of 4119 in non-smashed up times. As it happens, one has already appeared on this weblog - back in October, accompanying my Municipal Exceptionalism post.

As it turns out, I did have another photo of it. It was the last daylight photograph of a Toronto streetcar I've been able to take - I caught it on Dundas Street East in downtown, the day I left for Vancouver.

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  1. What's your method of archiving your photos?

    One of mine has been Flickr, but now hearing about Yahoo's decision to dump Delicious bookmarks, and laying off employees, I'm concerned that my long term paid Flickr account will be next to go.

  2. I keep them in a bunch of folders on my hard drive, and also back them up to an external drive. The only ones online are the few hundred I've posted to this weblog, aside from a Flickr account that may have one or two in it. I didn't like Flickr's file size restrictions.