Friday, September 14, 2012

Wake Me Up When September Ends

It occurs to me that I've dumped a lot of myself into this weblog. A fairly accurate recreation of my personality could be created, I think, if some AI researcher had enough time and fortitude to sort through and boil down the posts. For three and a half years I've been at this without skipping a day.

Three and a half years, I've come to realize, takes it out of you. While I was away in Ontario, it was such a relief to not have to dive into the cesspit that is the modern mediascape--to not have to trawl for a happening that pissed me off, that disturbed me, or was otherwise complaint-worthy. The original material that I create can't fill that entire every-other-day gap.

I didn't write a post today. I had an idea, but I couldn't muster the will to actually put it into words. Instead, I applied edits on a short story that's been sitting for a little while, and I was struck by how relaxing the whole thing was. This isn't the first time I've toyed with stepping away from this weblog, but in the end I wasn't willing to step away from it then.

Things are different now.

That being said, I'm putting this weblog in a suspended state for the rest of the month. I'll return on October 1st, possibly with a resumed daily schedule, possibly one that's less frequent but doesn't have to be padded with less-relevant fluff. There's plenty of stuff to still read in the archives, of course, if you feel like it; over three and a half years you build up a lot.

For the rest of the month, though... it's looking like a fine, clear month to me.

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  1. Enjoy your vacation, but come back at least part-time. Transit posts and SF stuff will be missed.