Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another Sale, Another Impending Story

Today, I break my silence not for commentary about Rob Ford--I mean, christ, what could I even say at this point--but for a personal announcement of the writing variety. My story "Three Years of Ashes and Twenty Years of Dust" will be appearing in the Strange Bedfellows anthology by Bundoran Press, which will be slamming into retail in both physical and electronic versions come April 2014. I'm one of two Canadians represented among the eighteen stories that will be included, and I think that's pretty neat.

The story itself also has got a damn long title that might be changed--the official Table of Contents announcement, which you can see here, has it as "Three Years of Ash, Twenty Years of Dust." To be fair, the title was pretty much the last thing I came up with; all through the writing process it had the hugely inspirational working title "Vesta."

Also, that Gustavo Bondoni guy... he also had a story in Return to Luna, which is my most recent anthology credit, way back in 2008. I think he's following me...

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