Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Make Lightning Strike Twice

I always figured that my first successful story would be the hardest; that once it was done, I would realize that I had at least some chops - if I didn't, after all, I wouldn't have found success in the first place - but I'm coming to realize that that's not the case at all. No, now that I do have words in print, the difficulty is my own deep-seated uncertainty as to whether I'll be able to match it.

That's a load of bunk and I intend to prove the case. Three days ago, Hadley Rille Books opened submissions for Destination: Future, a new wide-open science fiction anthology to which I will most definitely be sending a story. See, there, I've got it in writing, and now I'd never be able to live with myself if I didn't live up to at least that.

It's fortunate that the deadline isn't until June 30th, because I don't have a firm idea yet. But concepts, at the least, concepts are brimming.

So I'll send in my story once it's written, checked, and done. At the worst, I'll just have another rejection for my files and a fresh story to shop around. At the best things will be considerably better.

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