Thursday, May 28, 2009

PDP #47: Sixty-Two Percent Rally

A few months ago, if you may recall, there was something of a to-do in Canada over the opposition parties' plan to form a governing coalition and, in so doing, push Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government out of power. In the end it was nothing more than a wet paper bag, as Harper managed - possibly through sleight of hand or a complete disregard for the democratic process - to convince the Governor General to suspend Parliament for a month while tempers cooled and, perhaps more importantly, because prospective Coalition Prime Minister Stéphane Dion is about as charismatic as a wet paper bag.

While it was in the news, though, people were interested. This photo is from a pro-Coalition rally held in Nathan Phillips Square outside Toronto's City Hall on December 6, 2008. The speakers didn't show up until a bit later - and who can blame them? That was a damn cold day.

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