Friday, May 7, 2010

PDP #216: Round and Round and Round Again

As I write this there are only six seats left to be declared in the United Kingdom's election, but at this point it's not going to change much. David Cameron's Conservatives have dethroned Gordon Brown's Labour, yes, but while it's not by the thinnest of margins, it's not enough either - and so, it appears that the UK is looking at the prospect of a minority government. After their most recent experience with it, I have a better understanding of why they call it a "hung parliament," but it's worked out well enough for Canada over the last four years. The fact that the Conservatives are sounding out a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats - who, from my perspective, appear to approximate Canada's New Democratic Party - just underscores the weirdness here. I would have expected Labour and the Lib Dems to go it together, myself. If for no other reason than to provide Stephen Harper with a reminder that a coalition government between multiple parties that, between them, control a majority of the seats in the house, even if neither of them have the most seats individually, is not a coup d'etat.

I expect it's going to be a bit interesting from here on. So I think that this picture of the London Eye, a rather large Ferris wheel just a stone's throw from Parliament, is appropriate. Would you believe, though, that when I went to London I did not take one single photograph of Parliament itself? For shame.

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