Sunday, January 3, 2010

PDP #155: Mission Gold

Of the one thousand, eight hundred and ten photos and videos I took during the course of my time in Los Angeles this past December, a great many of them involve local transit. If you've read this weblog for a while and this comes as a surprise to you - why? I do this all the time. Most of them were taken for potential use in Tunnel Visions: The Los Angeles County Metro Rail, which will be appearing later this month. But I'm not going to hold onto them all until then.

The Los Angeles rail transit system is more extensive than Toronto's, yes, but the vast majority of it is surface-running light-rail that has no direct counterpart up north - the streetcar system, operating overwhelmingly in on-street mixed traffic conditions, doesn't occupy quite the same niche. This is a Gold Line train in South Pasadena's Mission station, bound for Atlantic at the end of the new extension. I saw more of the Gold Line than any of the other light-rail lines, and from my experience - aside from the awful headways that are a fact of life in Los Angeles, it's not a half-bad way to get around.

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