Sunday, June 6, 2010

PDP #231: New Planet, Strange Architecture

It's been a few months coming, but I've had the time booked off for a while and yesterday I finally landed on Caprica, heart of the colonies. It cost a few extra cubits for one of the FTL liners - I mean, who has time these days to go from Virgon to Caprica by sublight? - and well worth it. Only hours after lifting from Boskirk Spaceport I was free and clear to indulge that which makes the days worth living: just wandering around, having absolutely no idea where I'm going except for extremely vague impressions I gleaned from the Come On, Caprica guidebook.

Not that Caprica City's a bad place to wander around - it's great. It's like nothing on Virgon, and that's the crux of the problem. I don't know if you've noticed, but Capricans have some weird tastes in architecture - like those towers that look like they're made of nothing but glass and would shatter if you tapped them wrong. But they're positively normal compared to buildings like the one I photographed yesterday. For the life of me, I've got no idea what it's supposed to be. It could be courthouses for all I know, or a library, or a temple. That's the thing you really need to understand about Capricans - on this planet, form and function seem to have absolutely no bearing on each other.

The weather's been pretty good though. I heartily recommend.

EDIT: Seems as if it's a library after all. I tell you, those Capricans...

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