Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PDP #250: City Hall By Night

First off, I recognize that this is a departure from my usual habit. I defend myself in that 1) this is my weblog and I do what I want, 2) the aforementioned ISP changeover is happening tomorrow and I'd like to make sure this gets posted without hassle, and 3) a night post deserves a night photo.

So then, this is Toronto City Hall on the occasion of Earth Hour this past March, with almost all of the lights extinguished. It's actually darker here than it was the night of the 2003 blackout. Most of what I can see looks like emergency lighting. At least they're trying here - just next door, Old City Hall was practically drowning in light.

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  1. It must've looked like a work of art at night before energy conservation measures started kicking in.