Monday, July 26, 2010

PDP #256: The Western Gap

At the foot of Bathurst Street, there is only a hundred and fifty feet of open water between the mainland and the Island Airport. Considering that the island airport has been in operation for seventy years, you would think that a bridge would have been built to link it with the rest of the city a long time ago, but no. For most of history, the Toronto government has either ignored the island airport or, since the election of David Miller, been trying to press a pillow down on its face. Nevertheless, things finally seem to be moving forward on a pedestrian tunnel to the airport, which would make the ferries that now take passengers across the Western Gap obsolete.

Sure, it'll be more efficient. But there's something about crossing the waves like that, even if it's a trip of less than a minute. This photo, taken in October 2009, is a view past the stern (or possibly bow - they're bidirectional, you see) of one of the ferries, departing the mainland terminal.

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