Monday, August 23, 2010

PDP #270: Leaside Sundown

One of the biggest drives I've experienced in terms of my photography is the search for fresh perspectives. It's in that act of choice, the shaping of exactly what the camera sees and does not see, that the creativity really enters photography. Last night, I had the opportunity for a new perspective and I took it.

This is the Leaside Bridge, spanning the Don Valley between Leaside and East York. There aren't too many photos of this bridge floating around, just because of the difficulty of accessing it from ground level; no roads wind through that part of the Don valley, just bike and foot trails. No roads, that is, except for the Don Valley Parkway.

The way I took this picture was simple: in order to avoid any windscreen reflection or blurring, I just held the camera up out of the car's sunroof. At 90 kilometers per hour, reaching up into the windstream really creates a lot of drag and a considerable roar. I have never held onto my camera so tightly, and the strap was wound securely around my wrist. I can only suggest this method when a) you have a mechanism to ensure that, if you lose your grip, the camera doesn't go flying, and b) you are not behind the wheel.

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