Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PDP #271: The City and the Trees

British Columbia's current slogan is "The Best Place On Earth." Personally I've always found that rather arrogant because, really, it's a pretty bold statement - most likely one created by some government committee, and besides, if the Best Place on Earth is sitting next to a major seismic zone and suffering from pine beetle infestations and raging forest fires, that doesn't augur well for how good the rest of the world is. I like their other one better - "Super, Natural British Columbia." Super-ness isn't as much of a loaded term, and as for nature: you can't get away from it over there. Take this photo from Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, taken on a day when it seemed like it was going to rain but it never got around to doing so. The city seems almost like it's haphazardly wedged into the green.

FUN FACT: The automatic file name my camera gave this shot was IMG_2271. I guess this really is its time to shine.

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