Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guys, Soap Is There For A Reason

It's been a while since I read The Far Side, but there's one particular one that's stuck with me - a man walking out of a men's room in a restaurant, with a giant movie-marquee sign above the door, full of flashing lights and ringing alarms, that says "DIDN'T WASH HANDS." When I was young it was funny, but now it's just sad - if only because such signs are not ubiquitous. For guys, at least, it seems depressingly frequent to use the facilities and skip the handwashing entirely.

I can't understand why. Literally. This is something that has been drilled into my head my entire life. It's not as if you're roughing it, deep in the north woods - you're in an office building downtown with soap dispensers right next to the sink. All you gotta do is press down and, zap, there's soap! Right there in the palm of your hand! And yet, time and again, dudes speed through the washroom and at the end do nothing more than rinse their hands under the tap for a few seconds. If that. Is it laziness? What the hell is it?

Hey, dudes, look - now available in the home, just like it has been for decades and decades!

The benefits of handwashing are not things that have only recently been determined. Anyone alive today, anyone at all, should have learned about it from their parents or in the schools - it's absolutely vital to public health, and if people aren't learning about it for whatever reason, it's a serious problem. We know today that handwashing cuts down significantly on the spread of disease. There is no excuse for not doing so other than your own laziness or cussedness! One of the things I dread now is being in the washroom at the office at the same time as someone I know, because then I can't help but observe whether or not he washes his hands. I honestly find it difficult to respect someone who I know doesn't wash their hands - if they're unwilling to perform an incredibly basic act of personal hygiene, what else might they be unwilling to do?

Maybe you don't think it's necessary. Maybe you don't care that people around you might not want to touch your nethers by proxy. Maybe you don't think there's anything about it that requires a wash any more than touching your forearm would, I don't care. But the fact remains that outside specialized situations, you generally only find handwashing equipment in washrooms. Doesn't it make sense to make the name appropriate, to actually wash - about washing off all the dirt and grime and whatever you've accumulated since the last time you washed your hands.


  1. I don't wash my hands after hanging a rat !

    I really can't respect people who are so hyper-cleanly they fault other people as being responsible for their weak immune system.

    I bet your the type who utilizes those germ fighting hand sanitizers that have sprung up everywhere since SARs, Norwalk and H1N1 made the presses, just to appease you germaphobes.

    Hell, it was even in the paper today that DOCTORS don't wash their hands enough before handling a patient. I think they know a few things you don't about our secret relationship with bacteria.

    Exposure to germs promotes a STRONG and HEALTHY immune system. An immune system that is not exposed is WEEK and FRAIL.

  2. You're hilarious. Also pathetic, considering that you're too much of a craven coward to post as anything but "Anonymous." This has nothing to do with "weak" immune systems - personally, I've only been seriously sick once in the entire lifespan of this blog, and it's pretty easy to know when because it's a gap in the update pattern - or exposure to germs. Exposure to germs is an unavoidable fact of life; unless you live in a hermetically sealed bubble it's impossible to not be exposed to germs.

    It is possible, however, to go through life being a disgusting ass. I wouldn't personally recommend it, though.

  3. You know what is really pathetic ?

    Someone who's been blogging for over 3 years and has only recently attracted some readers/comments from people in the city.

    You can rest assured that this will be my last comment on the pencil neck geek blog.

    "personally, I've only been seriously sick once in the entire lifespan of this blog" - What ? every 3 years your seriously ill ? I think that proves my point. I havn't been seriously ill requiring medical intervention in decades. Much like doctors, I do not fear exposure.

    You know where you should travel to ? The third world where they don't even have soap.

    Frankly, I don't pay any heed to the recommendations of idiots.

    'So Who's Reading This All Anyway? I'm Kinda Curious If Anyone Is'

  4. Normally I would respect my elders, but you've demonstrated absolutely nothing worthy of respect, so go fuck yourself. If you knew anything you would know that I haven't even lived in New Westminster for one year. You mean people in New West had beetter things to do than read a Toronto-based blog? Shock! Horror!

    Incidentally, I haven't been seriously ill requiring medical intervention... ever, actually. For decades! "Seriously sick," in the context means "way too sick to go to work," not "an illness worthy of hospitalization."

    I could delete your comment, but I won't. While I admit that I did resort to an unnecessary personal attack in regard to your anonymity, you perfected it. Congratulations in your flying leap to the ad hominem armory and your complete abandonment of the actual merits of what I said. Bravo, sirrah.