Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Photo: Finding Lost Lands in Donut World

They're always in the place you'd least expect. Scientists say that visions of Atlantis as a continent in the Atlantic aren't supported by what's known about plate tectonics and the geography of the ocean floor, but frak that noise - the sign for Donut World, somewhere in San Francisco along the N Judah line, tells me otherwise. Look closely at that map up there. Not only does it depict Atlantis, rising up along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, there's what look to be shavings of Lemuria or Mu joining Japan and Indonesia, and the Bering land bridge appears to exist as well. Perhaps the eponymous Donut World is a parallel Earth where plate tectonics ran just slightly differently, making possible the production of donuts far beyond anything we know on our simple, seven-continented world.

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