Sunday, July 5, 2009

PDP #66: Dark Clouds Over Milton

I couldn't have timed it better. The instant the GO train's doors groaned open at the Milton station platform, the sky opened and the rain came roaring down. In the time it took me to get from the platform to the station building, a hundred feet at most, I got well and thoroughly soaked. I took this picture once it settled down to a few drops.

Shortly after I took this picture, a GO Transit employee asked me to stop taking photographs for "security reasons." It's just as well she didn't ask me to delete the photos, because I would've had no choice but to politely refuse. When I checked later I couldn't find any no-photographs policy on the GO Transit website. Has anyone else ever run into this?

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  1. GO Transit Photography Policy
    Google the following:

    go transit by law photography

    and open the top pdf, section 3.22 explains how commercial photography is prohibited, but does not mention photography for personal use. Personally, I never had any trouble.