Friday, August 20, 2010

So I've Withdrawn From the Election

Since I know the newspapers don't particularly care, as I was always a quixotic fringe candidate whose chance of winning was not impossible only because, in science, something has to have exactly a 0% chance of occuring to be considered "impossible," this is probably the only real notification that's going to come down the pipe about this - so here it is. Effective Thursday, August 19, 2010, I have withdrawn from the 2010 Toronto municipal election. I am no longer a candidate for office.

I'd like to extend my thanks to those of you who followed my campaign, such as it was, and who gave me words of encouragement. Your interest and support was invaluable to me when I was starting out. I only wish that I could have sustained the energy I had, such as it was, back in January. I'm sure that you've noticed how I've not said very much about my campaign in recent weeks. Part of that comes from the natural division between mainstream and fringe candidates, absolutely, but for the rest I have only myself to blame.

Nevertheless, thanks for your interest in my candidacy and in Toronto's political future, and I sincerely hope that on October 25 you'll cast your vote. If you're wondering who I'm going to support now - well, that's a decision I'll have to make over the next few weeks. It was so much easier before; I was going to vote for myself.