Sunday, July 19, 2009

PDP #72: Red Ones Go Faster

This is my bike. It is a good bike, as it is ten years old and still rides well after I inadvertently left it outside for a winter. You may notice that it is red. This is the bicycle that now gets me around Toronto considerably faster than my own two feet, and from which I gathered the photographs for my investigation of the Rogers Road streetcar a couple of weeks ago.

The problem with conceptualizing the future is that things are changing all the time - countries, philosophies, hopes and fears. Too often there's never any solid touchstone to bridge a nigh-unfathomable future with a familiar present. When I think about things like that I take heart, because the basic framework of the modern bicycle has been effectively unchanged for more than a century.

The modern bicycle frame works. And no matter how unfathomable the future becomes, I find it relaxing to know that at the least, bicycles will probably still be recognizeable as bicycles.

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