Monday, July 6, 2009

Quaff Review #4: Antigravity Light Ale

When it comes to microbrewed and craft brewed beers, I find that just discovering them is almost as fulfilling as drinking them. In a world where LCBO outlets carry the same general selection no matter whether you're in Markham or Moosonee, the appearance of an unfamiliar bottle on the shelf is something I always find welcome. Up north in Barrie, if you can bring yourself to get off the 400 at any of the five interchanges after Innisfil Beach Road, they sell one I'd never had the chance to try before - Antigravity Light Ale.

As it happens, they sell it in plenty more places, but-- this way, I got to drink it in the city where it's made. That's something, at least. It is in fact brewed by the Robert Simpson Brewing Company on Dunlop Street East in the downtown core of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Earth, Milky Way, Universe. The label does go to that detail, even if it does not pinpoint the precise galactic sector or supercluster.

Antigravity's advertised on the back label as "the perfect beer for lawn-mowing, hammock-lounging, horseshoe-pitching and star-gazing," and though there may be a few more hyphens than necessary there, I agree. It's smooth, good when cold - there's even a temperature-sensitive icon on the label that turns blue when the bottle's cold - with an easy drinking taste and a vaguely wooden smell to it, like an old country woodshed right after a rainstorm. It's 4% alc./vol. and sold in 355mL bottles which are $2.00 CDN individually.

What's more, they have bottlecap fortunes. The first one I opened exhorted me: "Do not have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent." Sound advice, that.

I've got another in the fridge right now. Hopefully it will give me fresh advice.

ANDREW'S RATING: 5/5. This stuff is good. Buy it and drink it.

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  1. Is it brewed from actual antigravity?

  2. I imagine they tell you if you take the tour.