Friday, April 9, 2010

PDP #203: And the Streets Were As Water

It's easy to understand why so many people have chosen to live in the Los Angeles area. It's got the sort of Mediterranean climate that's rare in North America, warm throughout the year but not too warm, and if it wasn't for the seismically active nature of the land it's built on it'd be perfect. One aspect of its climate is that it doesn't get that much rain - about 30.5 centimeters per year, and most of that in the winter months - for comparison, Toronto gets 83.4 centimeters in an average year. So it wasn't all that surprising that it rained for four out of eight days I was there, though I didn't exactly enjoy that part.

I suppose it's because heavy rains are so rare in Los Angeles that there doesn't seem to be much drainage infrastructure in the streets themselves - at least, not compared to northern cities like Toronto or Chicago. As a result, when there's a lot of water and cars around things can get... splashy.

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