Monday, September 6, 2010

PDP #277: Wings Over University Avenue

My standard practice with photographs I post here is to reduce their dimensions by 50% in order to minimize the amount of storage space they take up; while I get a good deal, it's not infinite yet. Nevertheless, today's photo is going to retain its original dimensions, just for the sake of greater detail.

The Canadian International Air Show, a mainstay of the Canadian National Exhibition, was held this weekend, bringing the roaring, directionless howl of jet engines to Toronto's skies. I didn't attend this year, but because of the nature of the show I still didn't miss it completely. The Snowbirds, the Canadian Forces aerobatics squadron, were participating as usual and some of their wider maneuvers took them away from the lake and over the city proper.

It wasn't until after I'd dumped this skyline shot of University Avenue to my hard drive that I realized you can see two of the Snowbird jets, lit up by the sun so that they seem to shine with a light of their own, banking over the city in the far distance - just a bit to the left of the CN Tower.

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  1. Great pic!

    I watched the air show from our parking lot this afternoon.