Friday, April 1, 2011

Discovered: My Greatest Masterpiece!

Flash! While digging through directories of old material I'd scanned into my computer a while back, I came across something shining - something golden! A work of from one of the earliest points of my writing career - a poem that, even today, shakes the very foundations of the art! When I found it I was left breathless by the deftness of the work, the flow, the way just the right word is used at just the right time. Even my inability to spell my own name correctly, thus making a double-repeat necessary, makes it that much more spellbinding.

It's been off in a box for far too long. It's time that Andrew Barton's "Space" is shared with the world!

I like planets. I would like to visit Mars.
I like Saturn. I would like to visit the rings.
I would like to visit the Milky Way Galaxy.
I would like to visit the sun because I want to see how hot it is.
I would like to visit Uranus. I want to visit its rings.
I would like to see space from Earth.


Now, for seriousness: I'm not exactly sure what the motive behind this was. I'm pretty sure it was part of a school project, as this dates from way before I had a home computer; it wasn't dated, but based on the clues I've been able to gather - mostly the state of my handwriting - my guess is that it was made in approximately 1988, when I was five years old.

Someone needs to tell that kid to go outside at night and look up. Wouldn't you know it? It's space! From Earth! I get the impression that I meant "Earth from space," which would be a lot more appropriate.

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