Saturday, June 12, 2010

PDP #234: The Wreckage on Helmcken

By now you may have read about, or seen one of the YouTube videos regarding, the partial collapse during demolition of a Vancouver building on Thursday, at Hornby Street and Helmcken Street in downtown - a collapse that sheared a lightpole in half and nearly pancaked a couple of people. As it happens, I have been staying literally a block away from where that happened, and so last night I went past to see what was left.

Only what would have been the basement foundation is still intact; otherwise, the former site of 834 Helmcken Street is scattered with fallen bricks and twisted debris, much like the site of the Queen West fire in Toronto a couple of years back. There was a vague smell of dust still hanging in the air, and the door was one of the largest things still intact.

Or, at least, still recognizably a door.

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