Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PDP #198: Ship's Badge

I've mentioned before that during the Second World War, my grandfather Les Parkinson served as a Motor Mechanic aboard RML 497, a Fairmile B motor launch used for coastal patrol and search and rescue operations. He made the wooden badge that had hung on the ship's bridge, and before 497 went to be paid off after the war, he removed it and brought it with him. My family still has it today, in excellent condition. The note on the back of it reads:

This plaque was affixed to the bridge of R.M.L. 497 a "Q" Boat of the Royal Navy during W.W.II. It was taken off when she was paid off July 15th 1945.

PMX 635137 L. Parkinson P.C. Mn

497 still sails today under the name The Fairmile, as a passenger vessel operating from Torquay and Brixham. It was good to find that out - for the longest time I thought this badge was all that was left of it.

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  1. RML 497 has now been restored to her original WWII scheme, including Channel Camougflage and original RML Number, and the forward cabin is now a small museum to her wartime service. She is still used to offer cruises around the river Dart. Why not donate the badge to her current owners to be given its rightful place on her bridge (with a short history of your grandfather's service on her)