Sunday, March 14, 2010

PDP #190: First, Go East

I've mentioned before that while I was in Los Angeles, I found the streetscape there at best indifferent to pedestrians - at least, the parts of it I have personal experience with. The only place where this wasn't the case was Hollywood Boulevard, and considering that it's Hollywood Boulevard and thus one of the city's major tourist draws, it sort of stands apart from the rest - and even then, it's pretty much only the bit between Vine and La Brea. Elsewhere, I tended to get a rather "suburban" vibe from the cityscape, optimized for the car and not used so much by people on their own two legs.

One such place was East 1st Street, where I took this photo. The new Gold Line Extension runs along the street, and it's a stone's throw from downtown Los Angeles - and yet I encountered maybe two pedestrians between Little Tokyo/Arts District and Pico/Aliso. It's probably because I'm contrasting it to Toronto, where pretty much any neighborhood within easy sight of the downtown core is pedestrian-friendly and thrumming with people, that it seems so sparse.

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