Friday, October 8, 2010

PDP #293: Again, Total Science Fiction

There are some things that are undeniably products of their time: anything designed in the 1980s, for instance. On the other side of the equation there are things that not only look nothing like their contemporaries, but look so futuristic that in a hundred years people will probably still think of them as reflections of the jetpack future. Toronto City Hall is one of these things; another is the Marina City complex in downtown Chicago. Though designed in the 1950s and built in the 1960s, I think those towers have a uniquely timeless look about them.

I can't believe I didn't notice these buildings the first time I was there - the only reason I can think of was that it was raining pretty hard when I was in their neighborhood, and umbrellas greatly restrict city viewing. This photo was taken when my dad and I stopped there on our way to Vancouver. It was the carports that really did it for me. Imagine someone slams the gas on in one of those spots while the thing is on reverse... presumably there's something that would prevent them from taking a quick trip into the Chicago River.

Seriously, though. This place looks like where you'd expect George Jetson to have found his first apartment.

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