Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Change in the Method

I've been trying to make this weblog the best I can make it. Part of that has been the update schedule; I've strived to have something new up here every day, and I've kept that standard since April 2009. I don't know how many tens of thousands of words I must have written over the last nineteen months - and now, I realize, that's the problem.

Before I kept this weblog, I was a writer - still am, at that. But lately I've come to realize that the creative effort I expend on my posts, the amount of time that I devote to polishing concepts and typing out rants, jeopardizes that. I want to write more stories, and I feel like the way I presently maintain things is complicating that.

So I've thought, and this is my conclusion: effective today, Acts of Minor Treason will be converting into more of a photoblog, with every-other-day posting. From time to time I'll post more substantive things on the other days, depending on my ability to get them prepared - but not every day.

Thanks to everyone who's read, and who I hope will continue to read. Without that, there wouldn't be much reason for me to go on at all.


  1. I read your posts via RSS feed and will continue. I'm lucky if I can write and post a page a month, so I know the stress you feel. Even if it's simply photos, just add some comment. I'll miss your thoughts and insight about transit the most.

  2. Thanks! And it's not like I'll never be doing any non-photo posts again; it's just that from this point, there won't always be a non-photo post on alternate days. If something's worth writing about, I still will!