Friday, November 5, 2010

PDP #307: Winter Storm

One thing I think I'm going to miss here in New West is a winter that reliably includes snow. Sure, I know it does come down every once in a while in the Lower Mainland, but never to the degree that's ordinary in Ontario - and an ordinary Ontario snowfall would shut down Vancouver, since the city's just not equipped to deal with it any more than Toronto is equipped to deal with tsunamis.

A heavy winter storm hit Peterborough in February 2005, and I was around to take pictures. It was a thing of beauty, in its way.

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  1. True enough. We had a big dump of snow two years ago, but last year we didn't get enough to make even one snowman (though the kids did try tobogganing on the light dusting of snow we did get). I hear this year is supposed to be snowy though!

  2. It'd be a hell of a thing for photos, at the least.